Tips On Using Doctor’s Notes Templates

Sometimes you just need a mental health day with the increasing stresses of life. The problem is that it’s hard to get time without someone asking for evidence of your sickness. A simple and helpful answer is: get a doctor’s note template. If you are unaware of how to get it then here are a few tips that will help you get that mental break that you need.

Use a quality template:

A good, believable template is something that you need to find. There are multiple high-level doctor’s note templates available on the internet. The situation gets simple for you once you determine the right template for you, because then all you have to do is tailor it to your specific situation.  For some quality templates that are proven to work, read more here.

You may have to face more questions with a more complex template than a simple straightforward template.

Find an excuse:

This is also important. Basically, it will help you answer the question “why you need to be excused?” and “what is wrong with you?” Stories based on truth impose a better impact. Think about the sickness that you suffered from in the past.

For instance: Malaria. You will never forget the symptoms and recovery times if you have had it once. If you have experienced the sickness before then you’ll be able to answer the questions in a better way.

Choose an appropriate doctor:

You may require a specialist depending on the sickness you have listed. It can also make a better impact if you may choose the right medical practitioner. For instance, you’ll need to see a cardiologist if you have experienced a heart problem, or a urologist if you are claiming a UTI.  So, the key is to find the right doctor based on the excuse you’re using.

find the right doctor

Assign a name to your doctor:

Using a local doctor’s name may be illegal, but you may also wish to prevent creating a name that appears to be generic or obvious. Names like Dr. Jones and Smith should be avoided. Keep the sickness believable. Having something exotic raises red flags even if it sounds cool. The doctor’s name should not be too unusual.

Mind your paper:

At the times of choosing the paper to print the note on you should keep the economy in mind. Medical offices often buy the lower quality paper as they try to save money. Basic printer paper is the right choice. Fold up the paper and put it in your pocket once you have got it printed. This makes an impression that you didn’t just print it but you have been carrying it around.

Avoid using the same excuse twice:

Using the same excuse more than once may get you in trouble, therefore, avoid such practices. Using notes from time to time isn’t harmful at all. However, a different excuse should be used with each note that is used.

The authorized personals will get suspicious if they discovered that a person has used the same excuse in more than one note.

And that’s it!  If you follow these guidelines, you’ll be able to get the break you needed and nobody will be the wiser.

An Introduction to SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. In a last decade or so, the digital marketing arena has bloomed solely on the basis of SEO. This science is almost predicting a website or project’s future. We will look at  defining principles of SEO in this article.

The Principles of SEO

First question that we need to ask ourselves is that how come SEO has become such a major player in the game?  In an attempt to answer this question, let us look at a scenario.

SEO is a complete science in the world of digital marketing. We can explain its essence in a very simple way. You are launching a new perfume brand. You want masses to buy your product, right? But how do you get them to know that YOU have a perfume brand of your own along with millions of other perfume brands?. You advertise. But your approach to advertisement is all that matters Maybe you have invested a lot but your product is still not appearing in top links displayed by Google when people search “Best perfumes”. This is where Search engine optimization comes into play.

Imagine a situation where you are sitting in friends and one brand is under discussion. You like that brand, so you repeatedly talk about it, using different adjectives every time. Hence, by doing so, you create a cloud of good will about a certain brand. Doing SEO is no different. According to Scott Keever, from Scott Keever SEO, “you write about your product in a way that convinces a customer that there is no other better perfume available than yours in the market.”

So it all comes down to this. Just like there is a an expert in a group who rates perfumes, search engines also rate or show the top products at the top. To get your product in the top ranks, you have to do a lot of talking, or simply, you have to do Search engine optimization. It is all because we thrive upon search engines in the digital world.


SEO is often done through keywords, content, header styles, and descriptive Meta fields that make it easy for the “crawlers” that search engines use to make sure the most relevant pages are at the top of search results.

So Many Questions With SEO

Now your mind must be asking  all sorts of questions like how do you do it, what do you do to get your page amongst the top links displayed on first Google page, are you good enough to do SEO all by yourself or not? Well, SEO is becoming diverse with each day passing. Some years back, it was all about content writing and keywords and all that. But with the evolution of social media, things have changed pretty much. No longer are you only concentrating upon what is important to you. You have to manage the popular trends as well. Hence for a beginner, it is always worth reading an introductory help book which can provide a guideline. Once you get an initial push, things automatically become smooth.