An Introduction to SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. In a last decade or so, the digital marketing arena has bloomed solely on the basis of SEO. This science is almost predicting a website or project’s future. We will look at  defining principles of SEO in this article.

The Principles of SEO

First question that we need to ask ourselves is that how come SEO has become such a major player in the game?  In an attempt to answer this question, let us look at a scenario.

SEO is a complete science in the world of digital marketing. We can explain its essence in a very simple way. You are launching a new perfume brand. You want masses to buy your product, right? But how do you get them to know that YOU have a perfume brand of your own along with millions of other perfume brands?. You advertise. But your approach to advertisement is all that matters Maybe you have invested a lot but your product is still not appearing in top links displayed by Google when people search “Best perfumes”. This is where Search engine optimization comes into play.

Imagine a situation where you are sitting in friends and one brand is under discussion. You like that brand, so you repeatedly talk about it, using different adjectives every time. Hence, by doing so, you create a cloud of good will about a certain brand. Doing SEO is no different. According to Scott Keever, from Scott Keever SEO, “you write about your product in a way that convinces a customer that there is no other better perfume available than yours in the market.”

So it all comes down to this. Just like there is a an expert in a group who rates perfumes, search engines also rate or show the top products at the top. To get your product in the top ranks, you have to do a lot of talking, or simply, you have to do Search engine optimization. It is all because we thrive upon search engines in the digital world.


SEO is often done through keywords, content, header styles, and descriptive Meta fields that make it easy for the “crawlers” that search engines use to make sure the most relevant pages are at the top of search results.

So Many Questions With SEO

Now your mind must be asking  all sorts of questions like how do you do it, what do you do to get your page amongst the top links displayed on first Google page, are you good enough to do SEO all by yourself or not? Well, SEO is becoming diverse with each day passing. Some years back, it was all about content writing and keywords and all that. But with the evolution of social media, things have changed pretty much. No longer are you only concentrating upon what is important to you. You have to manage the popular trends as well. Hence for a beginner, it is always worth reading an introductory help book which can provide a guideline. Once you get an initial push, things automatically become smooth.


Study Reveals the Best Marketing Tips For Dentists

One study recently published out of Cambridge has figured out the best and most effective marketing strategies for a dentist.  If you are a Dentist and things in promotion sector are not going great, you need to revisit your strategy. Maybe you are not investing in the right direction. Well, now we have evidence to show us the most effective ways to grow your practice. Here are top 5 marketing ideas which can give a boost to your dental business.

Top 5 Marketing Strategies For Dentists

dental marketing

  • Know your people:

There is no better way to engage people in conversations about your clinic then actually interacting with the people. You have to be a bit more social than the usual. Talk more about your clinic in social gatherings.

  • Have a blog of your own:

If you cannot write about the stuff you do, how do you expect people to come to your clinic? It is not compulsory, but it will be very nice if you can update a blog daily, which mostly concerns your clinic and profession.  By doing this, you’ll also start to show up for dentist related search terms in your city.  For example, if you’re a dentist in Stockton, CA, and a potential client searches for dentist Stockton, you want your business to show up first because you’ll get a lot more clients that way.  By blogging on a daily basis, you’ll have a much better chance of showing up higher in Google.

  • Offer Discounts:

If you can manage it, kick off with bit of an incentive. A 10 percent discount in the first month sounds very manageable and feasible as well. It will leave a nice impression about your approach to the patients and will also be lucrative, hence attracting more and more patients.

  • Using the power of Social media:

No one can under estimate the power of social media. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram are the more common sources of knowledge and information these days. You can create official handles of your Clinic on each of these networking sites and attract more and more audience. It needs time, understandable, but once you get in the lime light, you have eye balls following you, which is how a business develops these days.  For example, this YouTube video has over 37 million views.  Not bad for one video.

  • Reviews:

Ask your patients to review your clinic and spread the word around a bit. They can review it honestly, tell them. Whether they choose to review on social media or simply by talking about it, either way it will help your cause. Publicity cannot be attained without public’s wagging tongues.

Along with following these tips, think about some other tricks as well such as SEO of your webpage and putting advertisements on your web site. These are proven marketing tips which, we hope you liked!


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